Webinar Series

To help members stay connected with the latest updates, insights and advice from key Government agencies and industry experts, we are pleased to bring you our complimentary monthly Webinar Series. To view our upcoming webinars, refer to our Events page and follow us on LinkedIn.

June Webinar:  Service Level Budgeting – the path we need to take to ensure sustainability?

Thursday, 6th June 2024 – 10am to 11am

In the commercial sector, understanding the alignment between costs, service levels and profits is crucial. Local governments are starting to investigate this approach to make more informed decisions when allocating their budgets. So what is the role of the modern finance professional in the growing trend of service planning and service based budgeting?

This webinar will explore the service planning philosophy and what it means for finance professionals, including how to become key partners in helping councils make strategic investment decisions.

The session will be followed by a Q&A opportunity.

Our most recent webinar recording can be viewed below. Recordings of our past webinars can be viewed on our YouTube channel.